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File Manager Advance

File Manager Advance

Puzzle File Manager Advance is an advanced and easy-to-use file manager tool available for free on windows pc. It enables you to automate the process of managing your files by giving you the ability to bulk rename and auto organize your files into folders. You can bulk rename files based on a pattern and properties of the file and you can organize your files by moving them into different folders based on properties of the file like their name, size, or type of file.


File Manager Advance Renamer

Bulk File Renamer

Bulk Renamer tool in File Manager Advance allows you to easily rename multiple files at once. You can prepend or append simple text or create a pattern of name based on the properties of the file and then it renames all files according to the pattern.

File Manager Advance Organizer

Auto File Organizer

Using File Organizer you can easily separate all your files into different folders based on their properties like the name, size, or type. You just need to add folders and define which kind of files to go in which folder and then it will move all files one by one into a different folder.

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