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Puzzle Drawing Pad

Drawing Pad

Puzzle Drawing Pad is a free to use drawing and image editing software. It lets you draw Line, Shapes like Ellipse, Rectangle and Polygon and lets you add text with different size and font. You can also paint with Brush and Erase with Eraser. You can draw on a new blank image or on an existing image. It’s modern and simple UI makes it easy to use, almost anyone can use it. It comes with Mirror Mode tool that lets you draw symmetrical things. You can also rotate your images.

What’s New

  • Re-designed from scratch.
  • New simple and modern UI.
  • Now can Save and Open Images.
  • Now can create custom size image.
  • Now can Rotate image
  • Added Opacity option in Brush.
  • Added Line, Ellipse, Rectangle and Polygon tools.
  • Added Text tool with different size and font options.
  • Added more size option in pencil and brush.
  • Added Mirror Mode tool.
  • Added more pre-defined color.
  • Added custom color picker.
  • Added recent color stack.
  • Added Undo and Redo option.
  • Added Cut, Copy, and Paste options.
  • Added Zoom in and out options.
  • Added Help Window.

System Requirements